Why opt for EZ Blood instead of conventional blood banks?

At present patients are only dependent on blood available at hospital at which they are treated or blood bank suggested by hospital doctors or Staff. There are some websites which provide only the name and Phone numbers of donors for blood donation. Currently, a comprehensive service like EZBlood.com does not exist in India. EZ Blood aims to bring structure to the currently haphazard blood donation system. It is a comprehensive solution to bring patients, Blood banks and donors on one platform. With EZ Blood patients will get blood and blood products at their doorstep from the blood bank of their choice.

Are there any hidden costs involved to the User of the App?

No, there are no hidden costs. The User makes a direct online payment to the Blood Bank that he chooses to procure blood from.

How does EZ Blood work?

The user logs onto the EZ Blood App and searches for the relevant blood group or blood product. He immediately gets the availability report. He selects and makes the booking online. The Blood bank collects the sample for cross matching. The Blood product is delivered to the user.

Where are the services currently available?

ezBlood.com services is available in Greater Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Eventually the portal will roll-out its services to other cities in Maharashtra. Gradually it will be a PAN india operation.

What are the advantages of using the EZ Blood App?

www.ezBlood.com is an e-commerce platform designed to become India’s first online service for sourcing of blood related products online. This service will also help organise blood donation drives around the country beside recruiting and retaining donors.

EZ Blood advantages:

India's first credible platform to provide real-time availability of vital blood and related products

Cutting edge technology to ensure right blood is available at the right time

A single window to eliminate all blood and related products availability worries

Ensuring transparency and reliability

Portable e-card for regular donors to ensure they receive blood at any networked blood banks around the country

Online 24/7 customer service

What is NAT technology?

NAT is the latest and safest technology available to reduce the risk of the HIV transmission through blood. This test is used to screen HIV-1, HBV and HCV virus in donated blood. It is a direct test to detect the viral nucleic acid. It reduces the window period of detection by approximately 50 days compared to the current available ELISA tests. Whilst the conventional methods depend on antibodies to produce a positive result NAT is based on the genetic material. This happens before the body begins producing antibodies in response to a virus, giving the ability to detect a disease at an earlier stage. NAT makes the blood safer than ever.

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